Brenda Lee


Age: 26

Height: 5’5

Weight: 135 lbs

Bust: 34D

Bi-Sexual: Yes

Kiss/GFE: Yes


"Just Call Me...Little Miss Dynamite!!!"


Yes you should call me that, because just like the first Brenda L...I am coming on strong! LOL! Hiya everybody, this is indeed Brenda Lee, and I am currently in-house at Dennis Hof's world famous Love Ranch brothel just outside of Carson City, Nevada--and I'm really loving'it big time! I'm from California and I love sex and sun--in that order! I am here with the goal of meeting men, women and couples that want to have unbridled sex with a woman who lets it all happen fast, hard and wild! I am a seductive, exotic, and ambitious young lady who has a wide range of interests and talents and I love to have long, deep conversations about just about everything! My hobbies include photography, social media, running, working out, and musing about the issues of the day. And when you visit the Love there's plenty of places we can hang out and get to know each other, from the parlor to the pool table lounge, from the Fantasy Suite to the hot-tub, its's all very user-friendly! am I! LOL! I want to be your ideal sexual mate, and if you allow me the pleasure, I will show you everything I do--and I do everything, the whole wide world! LOL! I love to give blow-jobs and have all kinds of oral sex with men and women--in fact I can say with confidence I give the best head west of the Mississippi! LOL! about a sensual massage, or a threesome with one of the other hot Sexy Lovers here at the brothel? You will find me to be uninhibited, horny, and full of carnal desire! Want to check me out! Start with these pix on my profile, then, hit the "CONTACT" tab and fill out the little introduction form. Once you do that, you are as good as in my bed already! Wait for my reply, and then we are on our way! Let's make a special date so we can take time and prepare properly! Also you can always come over to the brothel as we are open 24/7/365! Great sex awaits  you my dear, don't be shy! Love!