Leila Foxxx

[email protected]

Vital Stats:
Age: 24
Height: 5’ 2”
Weight: 105 lbs
Bust: 34A
Bi-Sexual: Yes

“Kinky And Fun Foxxx!!

Yes, that’s certainly what I am known for—being kinky and fun at the same time! Hi, My name is Leila Foxxx, and that’s a triple-X for a reason, because I love hot sex! And I always have! I can remember back to when I was first old enough to enjoy intimate relations with others—it was like, wow! I can do this? Really? With men, women, and couples even? Damn! After that, I never wanted to stop having sex! And since then, I can’t imagine a day going by without getting laid—or at least masturbating! LOL! The Love Ranch-Vegas brothel is a full-service establishment, with luxury and comfort equal to any of the finest hotels and clubs in the world—plus you get girls! You can come on by for a quickie, or stay for a week, it’s all good and it’s all 1000% pleasurable! My sexual experience and talents run the gamut, and I pride myself on being able to adapt to any type of person, or persons, and any kind of sexual situation. Why don’t you come over and have a drink with me, and find out for yourself up front and in-person? And just to give you a little hint of something to look forward to—my reverse cowgirl technique is the best in the world! So don’t waste a sec, come on down!

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