Lita Crystalskull

Check me out dude! My name tells it all! Lita Crystalskull! You like that? You’ll love me! I’m different than any other girls you have hung out with in your life–I’m a one-of-a-kind take-life-by-the-balls, funny, impulsive and all-around crazy gal…but in a good way! LOL! Yeah, that’s me alright! I don’t want to do the same old boring stuff everyone else is doing, I want to take it to the max! Look at my pictures, see what I’m into…all sorts of good stuff! And I love to sex it all up as well! Sex is always on my mind, sex that goes way over-the-top! I think every time you fuck, it should be the most insane fuck of your life! I think every time you suck someone off, it should be the best BJ in history! I think every orgasm you have should be mind-blowing!

I’m a very nice person and I accept everyone for what they are, and what they are not! No judgements here at all! I just want to take you into my world of limitless possibilities, and with me, we can sexually soar like two eagles! And I sure know that if you are with me, you can see for yourself! What have you always dreamed of doing with a freaky chick like me? Walking around holding hands? Cuddled up on a couch making out? Taking a shower together? Lying in bed naked next to one another telling dirty stories? And then the scorching sex! I can get you off, or you can get me off, or both!

Why not! I love getting fucked, giving head, and am into all sorts of fantasy role-play. Do you have a kinky fetish you would like me to attend to while I am wearing see-through lingerie? Hmmmmm…? You should make a list of all you want to do with me, then email me and give me all the info! I will write you back and then we can make a date to make it all happen!

So no time to mess around, let’s get down to it ASAP! Your wild girl is waiting, come and get me!

Lita Crystalskull
(775) 372-5678
[email protected]

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