Be A Love Ranch Vegas Lover!

The women who work at any of Dennis Hof’s seven premier legal brothels are the most successful and most sought after working girls on the planet! Do you dream of being an in-demand courtesan at a legal brothel like Love Ranch Vegas?

There is unlimited potential for success at the Love Ranch!  The women of the Love Ranch are empowered professionals who love their job and are exceptionally financially accomplished. The Ranch offers lush accommodations and amenities, and our team cultivates a safe, fair, and fun work environment so that our ladies have everything they need to succeed.

We’re always looking for lovely ladies with a passion for sex and hospitality to join us and start a new adventure at one of the hottest and most prosperous adult entertainment destinations in the USA!

If you feel that you have what it takes to be a Love Ranch Vegas lover, connect with us using the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Here are the basic requirements for your employment:

– You must be at least 21 years old.  If you are not over 21, Dennis Hof’s northern brothels (Moonlite Bunny Ranch, Love Ranch North, The Kit Kat Ranch, and Sagebrush Ranch) all accept applicants age 18 and up.

– You will be required to pass a medical exam clearing you of sexually transmitted diseases.  There are conveniently located doctors’ offices near us who regularly see our independent contractors.

– We do ask that you schedule a minimum two week stay with us.

Here’s what will be required to complete your application:

*recent photos
*proof of identification
*You will be required to obtain a sheriff’s card (license to work) from the county upon your arrival.  (Cards cannot be obtained if you have any outstanding arrest warrants).  You will also need to bring a valid driver’s license and social security card.

Transportation to and from the ranches:

Upon request, we can pick you up at the airport (McCarran Airport for Las Vegas brothels) and provide return transportation for your flight home.  While you are staying with us, car service is also available for doctor’s appointments, trips to the store, etc.

Your likely expenses:

A reasonable daily rent, which includes meals, house keeping, laundry, fitness center, tanning bed, spa & sauna.  We provide a 24 hour kitchen, as well as around the clock computer access for answering emails, posting on the message board, etc.
You will also need to provide your own condoms, lube, & personal hygiene items.

Once you are hired:

You’ll be set up with an email address and message board username and password. This will allow you to interact with clientele and potentially set appointments before your arrival here. You will also have walk-in clients, but should not rely on those alone. The most successful courtesans build their business within our business.

With that in mind, you are now ready to complete your application process!  Just click on the link below, and someone from our company will be in touch with you shortly.  We very much look forward to getting to know you!