What is a Legal Nevada Brothel?

Prostitution was legalized in Nevada in the early 1970’s in the form of licensed brothels (Legal Houses of Prostitution.) These luxurious sex dens are destinations where men, women, and couples can visit and have safe sexual encounters with gorgeous women. The women who work at legal brothels are tested for all sexually transmitted diseases, are exceptionally discreet, and are very sensitive to the needs of their guests.

Highly respected bordello mogul Dennis Hof owns seven brothels throughout Nevada, including the world famous Love Ranch North near Reno and Lake Tahoe. Hof and his staff are committed to providing the very best adult entertainment experience imaginable. For decades, Hof and the beautiful working girls of the Love Ranch have established a time-tested, trustworthy, and incredibly sexy adult playground just for you!

Call us for more information and our staff will be happy to answer any and all of your questions about the Love Ranch: (775) 246-7252

For answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Love Ranch, see below…

1. Where is the Love Ranch located?

In the State Capital of Nevada, Carson City, which is in northern Nevada between Reno and Lake Tahoe.

2. Which airport do I fly into?

Reno-Tahoe International Airport; Reno, Nevada. You can call 1888 bunnyranch for transportation. We have Sedan, Limo and Excursions available.

3. Where can I fly my private plane or jet into?

Carson City, Nevada.

4. Where do I land my helicopter?

Across the Highway – The Moonlite BunnyRanch has a special landing pad in front just for helicopter uses.

5. How far from Las Vegas is the Love Ranch?

We are approximately a 7 hour drive and approximately a 1 flight into Reno, Nevada.

6. What hours are you open?

The Love Ranch has is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

7. What is the best time to stop by?

ANY time is a great time to stop by the Love Ranch.

8. Do you have rooms available?

Yes. Many customers spend the night in the VIP suites with the bunnys, but there are many hotels close by. The Hampton Suites 775-885-8800; Holiday Express 775-283-4055 and the Gold Dust West, (877)519-5567 ext.3458, are just some of the hotels just a few miles from the Love Ranch.

9. How old do you have to be to visit the Love Ranch?

You must be at least 18 years old to have sex or 21 years old to have a cocktail at the bar.

10. Can a virgin come to the Love Ranch?

Yes. All our ranches have turned into the devirginizing capitals of America.

11. Do you serve alcohol?

Yes, we have a full service bar. We charge neighborhood prices, not inflated strip club prices.

12. Are you handicapped accessible?

Yes. As of Dec. 2006 we are spending an excess half million to make it ADA fully approved.

13. How much is a “party”?

There are no set prices. Each girl is an independent contractor and therefore establishes her own services and pricing. Legally, we cannot quote prices, but all the prices are reasonable and negotiable. The ladies work with all budgets. If it weren’t affordable we wouldn’t have been here for over 50 years.

14. Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we accept Visa and Mastercard. All billed as “Cash Advance, Lake Tahoe”. We also accept debit cards and have our own ATM machine.

15. Am I required to tip?

Tips are not mandatory but appreciated, as they are in every service establishment.

16. How many lovers do you have?

There are over 500 ladies licensed for your pleasure here at the BunnyRanch. There are approximately 40-50 at any given time.

17. Do I have to make an appointment?

No. We are open 24-7-365 for your pleasure. If you have a favorite lover you can make an appointment off our website.

18. Do I have to give a deposit when I make an appointment?


19. I contacted a girl 2 weeks ago, how come I have not heard back from her?

The lovers are better at sex than returning emails. Please feel free to contact the cashier for availability.

20. Are all the lovers on the website?

No. We have over 500 lovers licensed between all our ranches. Some ladies do and some ladies don’t want their pictures up.

21. What girls are available?

The best way to find out which girls are available is to go the Message Board and click on ‘Line Ups and Events’

22. Do I have to have a line up?

No. A line up is not required. You are welcome to come in and have a cocktail at our bar or in our parlor.

23. Can I party with more than one girl?

Yes. You can have even have threesomes, foursomes and orgies are also available 24-7-365.

24. Do the lovers party with other ladies?

Yes. For a 2-girl show or party with your girlfriend/wife, ask your favorite lover.

25. Do the lovers like couples?

Yes. The lovers enjoy couples.

26. Can I set up a party for my husband/boyfriend or wife/girlfriend?

Yes. It happens every day and it is highly encouraged.

27. Can two or more guys come in and party with one girl?

That is up to the individual bunny and is discussed during negotiations. For the most part, we have a girl to fulfill any fantasy.

28. Do lovers do Dominination/SM parties?

Yes. There are girls here at the ranch to fulfill almost any fantasy.

29. Can I kiss the girls?

That is something that is discussed during negotiations. What I can promise you are the girls will never kiss and tell.

30. I don’t want to be recognized, what do I do?

We do have private entrances here at the ranch. Anonymity is not a problem. You can always call the cashier in advance and discuss your situation.

31. Do you have ladies that lactate?


32. Can I take pictures/video?

That is something that is discussed with each lover.

33. Can I get more nude pictures?

We are always updating our website with different pictures, but the best pictures you have will be from your private sessions that you have created in your mind that you will never forget.

34. Do the lovers do anal?

Some do, some don’t. Ask your favorite lover.

35. Do you have midgets?

Bridgett the Midget who is seen on our HBO shows, still features from time to time. Check availability on our website.

36. Do the lovers have fetish parties?

Yes, the lovers love tickle parties, big girl make-up parties, trampoline parties, infantile parties, nurse/patient parties and any other fetish party you fantasize.

37. Do you have Transgender Individuals?

No. But all the lovers can accommodate you with their personal strap-ons.

38. Is there a time limit?

All the lovers are independent contractors, therefore, time is discussed during negotiations.

39. Do you have suites, swimming pools, hot tubs and saunas?

Between all of our ranches we have VIP suites, Jacuzzi rooms and hot tubs, and water rooms.

40. Are you filming customers?

You will never be filmed for any reason without your written consent. Many customers feel HBO is “always filming” which is far from the truth. Even if HBO was at the BunnyRanch, they request identification and a signed consent form BEFORE filming. We don’t hide the fact that the BunnyRanch enjoys an open relationship with the media, but the BunnyRanch success formula comes from decades of customer anonymity. Your visit here is no one’s business but yours and we strive to keep it that way.

41. Can you gamble at the Love Ranch?

There are no casino or casino games at the Love Ranch. There are however, casinos within 5 miles. But coming to the Ranch to get your “lucky” piece first is highly recommended.

42. Do you serve food at the ranch?

Dennis Hof owns a restaurant called Dick’s Roadhouse and located less than A half-mile away. Delivery is available upon request.

43. Does the ranch sell sex toys?

Yes. We have a “toy box” that customers can purchase various items from.

44. Does the ranch sell merchandise?

We sell shirts, hats, lighters, cozies, water bottles, HBO DVDs, shot glasses and other items. Please visit our website store for purchases.

45. I live outside Nevada. Can a girl come visit me?


46. Will Dennis be there and can he sign my merchandise?

Dennis is here often. Dennis is very approachable and treats his customers and his employees like family. If he is here when you are, he will be happy to sign your items and take pictures with you.

47. Do you have computers available?

For those of you who need to take care of business while you are getting down to business, we have wireless Internet access here at the ranch as well as a public computer room.

48. I have animals traveling with me, do you have facilities?

There are dog kennels and other facilities located in Carson City.

49. Is there a dress code?

You don’t have to get dressed up, but cleanliness and a little common sense helps you get a little further with the ladies.

50. Do you have Viagra parties?

Yes, we do, however, we do NOT supply Viagra.

51. Are you still giving away military discounts?

Talk to your favorite lover. They take pride in themselves in taking care of our servicemen.