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“While Numbers Don’t Lie, Neither Does Vibes”

Time as a lady of leisure has had me in nearly every United State, amongst diverse individuals, and various types of environments, which ultimately equipped me with a lovely line of communication and people skills. Whether we’d hit it off or not isn’t a question. Quality time with me will honestly resemble a girlfriend experience and certainly have your mindset to ongoing long-term engagements. An encounter with me erases the whole idea of being with an actual provider, the sometimes unwanted awkward feeling that can happen to you in the wrong setting, simply goes out the window and is far gone while alongside a passionate courtesan of such caliber. I truly fit in naturally, and to a wide range preference at that. For example, if you just like to sit and unwind a talk or vent, I’m a good listener and attentive as a response, plus I can hold an intellectual conversation as well. Being intimate is a big part of my life as a woman, I personally love and enjoy sex regardless, so if you prefer the “Wham-Bam Thank-You Ma’am” cutting-edge fuck, let’s do it! Or, if you simply want an outdate somewhere with Eye-Candy attached to you, my wardrobe is prepared and my character is fixed. No matter how you decide to do your thing overall, your fantasies will be fulfilled 1 way or another. Somehow someway.

FAQ FYI btw;

May or may not be a half Italian and half Irish New-Yorker has any relevance to you, let me not forget the basics nonetheless as you get acquainted. Aside from the sex symbol itself, is a qualified college educated woman in addition if I must add. A glass of wine, a shot that’s anything other than a bullet, ganja to smoke, or even just a little drag if you want all suits me fine. If I had to guess, I think you’d get off good knowing that I do well with anal. And that I’d happily take on You + a Buddy. Or even accompany Husband & Wife. Not to mention that if you want me to pair up with another Lover girl here in the Ranch, I’m not above it! Because I’ve been Bi-Curious for some time now. And M/M/F threesomes are generally fun. What I won’t do, by any means is promise you Disney Land yet take you to Jurassic Park. So with respects to each his own, let’s talk. Email me and let’s situate something. My schedule for the next 2 Weeks is shown below.

LOVE RANCH NORTH appearance;[May 28th — June 14th]

If you use social media, keep up with me like a Kardashian! Tune in to life behind the scene outside of the ranch meanwhile until we meet… TWITTER @TheAuburnAroma

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