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“I’m a dirty-minded, daydreamer that loves to bring your fantasies to life.”

Hey, Y’all! I’m Miss Kitty Rae! If you’re reading this, you must LOVE curvy, tattooed women with a twist of cowgirl sass! I’m a wild one! Flirty, with the sexy curves to boot. I’m a dirty-minded, daydreamer that loves to bring your fantasies to life. Tell me… What’s your fantasy?

I’ve ridden horses all my life, and let me tell you, Boy can I ride ‘em! Horses are my most favorite animal on land and the most therapeutic place to be is on the back of a horse, riding your woes away. Do you ride? Would you love to take me on an outdate to Tahoe and sharpen your riding skills? I’d love to show you just how good I am at riding. Or let’s switch strides!

Do you love the beach? One of my all-time favorite places to be is on the beach. Taking a hike down the trails to the beach, walking barefoot in the sand, listening to the amazing brilliance of the waves in the middle of the Sierras. Then retiring to our lakeside cabin, and you wake up in the morning wrapped up with my all-natural Triple D breasts and big booty tucked up against you. Now doesn’t that sound spectacular? Or if you’re short on time! As always, you’re welcome to stop in at The Ranch to see me for a quick release, emotionally and physically!!

Oh Boy! Talking about some of my favorite things and places really gets me in the mood! I’m that perfect balance of women, that can get down and dirty but turn around to be dressed up and classy in one sassy little wink. I’m so open-minded, and encourage men and women to fully embrace their true selves, sexually and in their daily life. I’m always up to try anything new at least once! And would love to help you embrace and fulfill whatever sexual fantasy you crave. From fetishes and sex toys to role-playing and facesitting, to Dom and Sub, and to Outdates and overnights, I’m here to please! So, book with me, and let’s get you satisfied!


Miss Kitty Rae

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