Mina Franco

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Vital Stats:
Height: 5’6″
Bust: 34 DDD
Hips: 35″

“I believe sexual energy is our super power…”

Hello beautiful sexy lovers. It is a great pleasure to be here at the Love Ranch, ready to dive into great experiences with you.

I am a mixed dynamic combination of Exotic flavors: Indigenous, European and Islander. All creating a power packed exotic burst of flavor that melts in your mouth and not in your hands, {well, unless you want me too}.

It is a great honor to come here and bring Tantric/Quodoshka and White Tigress Experiences to the World Famous Love Ranch.

With a background in agriculture, yoga, healing and.Tantra, I have a deep love for my path. I have traveled around the world volunteering, sailing, doing disaster relief, teaching about Yoni (womb and pussy) Divine Feminine healing and worship as well as Sacred Masculine healing and balancing of the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine within all of us.

My studies have been with American Indians, Hawaiian elders, great Hindi teachers, as well as German Dark Eros teachers and Japanese white tigress training.

As a White Tigress, the use of sexual energy is also something we honor and use for transformation and many other juicy things. At this stage I am in my wandering tigress level and being here is very much a part of it.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon..just picture a crouching tigress going on a hunt for your hidden Dragon..
I believe sexual energy is our super power, a gift we hold within.

That being said Tantra is not sex but sex can be tantric. Sexual energy can be manipulated, directed, increased and used to not just provide amazing pleasure but also intense waves of orgasms, full body orgasms and amazing healing.

I specialize in Tantric Journeys with couples and singles, as well as, vaginal mapping, yoni worshipping, and super charged goddess only parties.

I also can work with your time available and experience in order to introduce you to this ultimate journey. Even short parties can be quite relaxing, a powerful release and tons of fun.

As a presenter of workshops at transformation and music festivals as well as Tantra festivals, I have had the pleasure of sharing space with all walks and paths of life.

You simply need to relax and let the experience unfold and unveil itself for you.

I do have a love for piercings and skin art but don’t let that fool you, as a dinner companion we can chat about anything from farming, to eco-building, legal subjects, world travels, fetish, fire dancing and ecstatic dancing (as I perform as well), permaculture and many many more subjects. I can definitely entertain you above the table and tease under the table.

I have no place for judgements in my world but I am straight forward and will be open to your ideas and desires as well as be quite comfortable letting you know my do’s and don’ts, especially when it comes to fetish and intimacy.

Although I am known for changing my look just to spice it up every now and then, I am 5’6″, with a 34 DDD Bust and 35″ Hips.

I am filled with Gratitude for my path because in my late 40’s life has never been so sweet. This age is bliss. Less need for outward approval, more fun, more personal liberation, more compassion, definitely more authenticity, wherever I go there I am.

Whether it’s Tantra, sexual healing, Fetish, Tantric Massage, Sensual and/or Thai massage or a couples adventure, feel free to let your incredibly sexy Sacred Masculine or your Divine Feminine out and experience not just a party but a Journey.

You are only good as the person you’re with and only as comfortable as the open adventurous soul at your service and we are going to take it to the next level.

Always an honor and delight and at your service.
Bows, hugs, kisses, licks and hisses

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