Passion Foxx

[email protected]

Vital Stats:
Brown – Hair
Brown – Eyes

“I’m a hot erotic mix ofTrinidad, Black and Peruvian ready to fulfill your fantasies!!!”

3 Things That Describe Me:


10 Facts About Me:

1. I am Open-Minded
2. I love the Outdoors (Fishing, Hiking, Snow Ski, Gun Range)
3. I love animals (my dog’s name is Khloe – Bulldog mix)
4. I love “Romantic Dinners”
5. I love sensual “Bubble Baths”
6. I love to cook (SalmonPattie)
7. I love going to NASCAR & NHRA
8. My girlfriend and I share a horse in Florida (Bubbles)
9. I love to dance and I love Jazz
10. I love to travel (Dubai is my ideal place to travel)

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