Riley Zane

[email protected]

Vital Stats:
Age: 21
Height: 5’3
Weight: 120 lbs
Bust: 36B
Bi-Sexual: Yes

“A Real Nice Girl—With A XXX Mind!”

Hi everyone! My name is Riley Zane, here at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch brothel in Carson City, Nevada, and I am very interested in showing whoever comes walking through our front door, the best time of their life! And I mean that in every way possible! I have a girl-next-door personality, and you will find me to be just like that in the bedroom—down-to-earth, sincere, and eager to please! Then there’s something else—I have a wild side! A very wild side! Being here at the Sagebrush now gives me the perfect opportunity to explore that crazy sexual side of myself! And you know what? You can be that perfect guy—or gal, or couple!—that helps bring that out of me! Why not? So let’s play! I want you to be that lucky customer that makes me shudder with orgasms, while I do the same for you! Being a “provider” of sensual pleasures and any other way I can make you feel really good, and satisfy all your needs, is my goal every time! Let’s talk! I have a number of personal fetishes of my own, that I love indulging in, that I think will be as hot for you, as they are for me! Hmmmm…let’s see…how about, we get together, and add in another girl or two as well! Threesomes, foursomes, there’s not limit, as the Sagebrush is full of frisky and horny ladies ready to rock! And if you have a partner, feel free to bring him or her along—the more the merrier I always say! Couples are cool too! Although I’m only a “baby”–just turned 21”—I have had my fair share of experiences with both younger and older men—and I can absolutely say I adore them all! I know how to take things, at just the right “speed” no matter what your age, temperament, or desires—whatever you want, I will make it happen, with just one requirement that I have for all my dates… having fun is required! LOL! I look forward to hearing from you—right now, here online, or just come over to the Sagebrush, we are always open! Really want to meet you! Kisses until then! And more kisses when you get here!

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